I’m amazed at the staff. I’ve visited and worked in nursing facilities. My mother 95 is getting warm and good care while having therapy after a partial hip replacement. My mother was an RN and is usually critical of facilities. She keeps saying Linda Mar is nice and clean. It is. They have a very nice patio that allows you to enjoy the ocean breeze. This is used a lot for visiting. The staff is conscientious and caring. At the same time, they take the time to get to know the patients and bring joy to their life. The place is well maintained. This place was highly recommended by professionals.

Kate Y.


Linda Mar and their caring staff did a wonderful job with my grandfather after he suffered a stroke and needed rehab, and eventually comfort care. I found that the staff were caring and knowledgeable. Not only did they care for my grandfather but also welcomed and genuinely were concerned about my grandmother (married 65 years) as she visited daily. When I say staff it is everyone from the dietary staff, who offered specialized meals to meet his needs (also often fed my grandmother), to housekeepers who greeted them and offered chairs when needed, to the rehab department, and the entire nursing team who made sure he was as comfortable as possible as the end neared. Linda Mar could not have done a better job throughout.

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Thank you to all of the wonderful people who treated me like a queen. I was brought breakfast in bed by diligent and cheerful nurses and served dinner in the beautiful dining room with a mountain view. I am so thankful for all of the therapy and the attention to detail day and night.

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Our very special thanks for the wonderful care that was given to our loved one. What a wonderful group of people that give so much and made our experience the very best.

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